Feline Fridays

Cat Country 94.1 has teamed up with SPCA Cincinnati for Feline Friday’s. Every Friday morning at 8:10 the SPCA will be on to feature another cat that’s up for adoption at their shelter.

Meet Pedro

Hello there, I’m Pedro. Once upon a time I was a model. Vogue wishes they could have hired me. I am retired now but I have decided to live a quiet life (one without lots of noises, chaos, or small humans). My new profession is to rate and test toys for their appeal and function. I do say that string-like toys are superior to all others. I also spend my free time testing the functionality of brushes (I don’t refer to my hair as fur or shedding, I call it glitter because life needs a little bit of sparkle). I may take a little while to get to know you because I am so busy all the time, but I promise that I will watch your favorite shows with you and tell you how comfy your couch is. If you want to talk toys, tv, or the anything else, fill out an application and see me at the Sharonville SPCA!

Meet Phillip

“Hello all, my name is Phillip and I am what some would refer to as a mature cat, though I like to think of myself as well aged, like a fine bottle of wine. I am not looking for an exciting or sophisticated life, just the reassurance of a calm and peaceful existence and place to prop up my paws. If you also enjoy the simpler pleasures in life like a quiet afternoon reading novels or a cozy curl up on the couch for a movie, than I am your man. Please, if you have young children than I am unfortunately not the cat for you. Hope to meet you. Just give us a call and make an appointment to visit me!”

Meet Handsome Dan

Handsome Dan is a shelter favorite! He has such a lovable personality. He hasn’t been with the SPCA long, and we’d love to keep it that way! He is certainly handsome, even more so in person – living up to his name. He enjoys attention, but is laid back for the most part. He came to us as a stray, so there is still lots to learn about this sweet guy. We do know he is ready for his forever home!

Hello my name is Ellie! I am such a love bug.

The staff here describes me as affectionate, and easy going. I love being a lap cat, and meeting new people. As soon as you open the door I will run right to you! I would love to meet you so you can see how friendly I am. I should be the only cat in the home as I like to be the queen of my castle! I have just been enrolled in Weight Watchers since the quarantine caused me to gain a little weight (with DoorDash and UberEats it’s hard to eat healthy)! I will need someone who will keep me on the road to weight loss, and be aware that my chubbiness might cause some joint pain. Nothing that can’t be managed and it doesn’t stop me from living my best life! Want to meet me? Fill out an application!

Meet the gorgeous Jaybird 😊

This sweet lady has lived with cats and dogs in the past. She’s a big flirt with men, but loves kids and women too! Jaybird is super sweet. She’s quite a talker and enjoys sunbathing, and snacking on any treats with fish! She enjoys scratching posts quite a bit, as well as chasing string toys. She’s beautiful and a great companion! She loves to be scratched behind the ears and would love a calm home where she can live out her golden years! Fill out an application for this beauty today!

Jaybird is a 14-yr-old female Domestic Shorthair cat, with a Black/Copper Tiger coat. She weighing a little over 9 lbs., and is waiting for her forever family at SPCA Sharonville! 


Meet Holden!

This dashing little guy is Holden. Holden came to us in pretty rough shape. He is (at least) partially blind, and will require some special care (more litter pans around the house, VERY regular checkup with the vet, lots of patience, and he’ll need eye medications indefinitely) and would probably do better in a home without young children, as he does spook easily because of his eyes. He has a hard time finding things like his litter box and his food, so he’s going to need someone with a lot of time and patience to help teach him. If you think you and your home would be a good fit for this very special little guy, submit an application to meet him at the Sharonville SPCA location.

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