Feline Fridays

Cat Country 94.1 has teamed up with SPCA Cincinnati for Feline Friday’s. Every Friday morning at 8:10 the SPCA will be on to feature another cat that’s up for adoption at their shelter.

Meet Josie! Josie was surrendered to the SPCA Cincinnati due to her previous owners having too many animals to care for. With that being said, Josie is looking for her forever home! She is a very sweet and well-mannered girl who would love to be the center of affection. She loves to be petted and will always ask for more! She has previously lived with cats before, so if you have a furry friend at home make sure you do a proper meet and greet to ensure that they will get to know each other and get along. We are unsure how Josie would do with children or dogs. If you would like to get know more about Josie, fill out an application on spcacincinnati.org, and a SPCA staff member will reach out to you to schedule an appointment! 

Spike’s the name, what about it? He’s in the middle of a tough-guy phase. It’s way cooler than you think. You could actually help Spike be an even cooler cat by giving him a neat place to stay. He needs a cozy home — hideout to be himself! Just go to Spcacincinnati.org to complete the app! 

Hey there, I’m Queen. I am a little shy and I am very thankful that I have my best friend King (ARN#8684) to be my rock. We are a little nervous being in a new place, but we accept all of the pets and gentle cuddles the staff and volunteers give us. I would do best in a home that is a little quieter so I can relax and enjoy afternoon bird watching. It may take a little time before I warm up, but I know that I have room in my heart to fall in love with you! if you’d like to meet me, fill out an application on spcacincinnati.org and come visit me at the Sharonville SPCA! 

Hi, my name is Tess and I’m looking for the right person to give me a chance. I am a little shy around certain people, but I do much better if there are other cats around to help me be confident. I really dislike being picked up, so please refrain, sirs and madams! I’m a smart kitty and I know when it’s time to eat. I do need to be fed a special diet for my urinary tract (getting old is rough), so if you have other cats we will need to be fed separately. I do like to play, and since I’m smart I would love someone to give me toys that work my brain. If you think you’re the right person for me, fill out an application at spcacincinnati.org to meet me right meow! 

Meet Mallow! He first came to the SPCA Feb. of 2019, but then entered our shelter again at the beginning of April of this year, and we are hopeful to get him back in a loving home. He’s an 8-year-old long-haired cat, and a hefty and sweet guy. Very laid back and unfussy. 

Meet Lil Bit! She is a 12 year old domestic long hair. This beautiful girl can be very energetic but also has her lazy days. She loves to lay in her human’s lap and sunbathe while watching the birds out the window. She has lived with other cats but does not do well with them. She has lived with dogs and doesn’t mind them. She has also been around children and did well with them, however, she prefers kids ages 5 and up. Lil Bit loves to snuggle and head scratches. If you think Lil Bit would make the pur-fect addition to your household, please fill out an application at scpacincinnati.org and a member of our staff will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Meet Cowgirl! This young girl is 3. Domestic shorthair. Adoption paid for through Paw It Furward! She is the kind of cat that loves attention, and accepts all the petting & loving rubs. Hasn’t been at the shelter long. spcacincinnati.org for the application! 

“I’m Shango! I’d like to be an indoor-only cat so I can keep track of the people in the house – I’m a great supervisor. I’m an older gal who gets along with other kitties, but I’m independent when it comes to humans. If I want attention, I’ll come up to you. I mostly like to admire you from afar. I like to think of myself as a priceless museum piece. Look at me with your eyes, but not with your hands. You don’t pick up priceless artifacts! *Ahem*

If you want to add an independent friend, fill out an application at spcacincinnati.org to meet me today!”

Cisco, just like a famous star ship captain on tv. He was in super rough shape when he first arrived, but our medical staff took care of all his medical needs.  He’s definitely feeling better, but needs to get out of the shelter for a long healthy life! “All this poking, prodding, medication, I’m kind of over these folks. They call me opinionated (#catitude!) but I don’t know what that means. I can tell you I’m a loner sort of fellow. I’d rather watch tv and stargaze out the windows, and I might decide to adorn you with my presence. I’d prefer a quiet house without mini humans, and I can’t say that other cats really please me. Once I let you into my inner circle, I will become very demanding of your pets. If you think you can adore me full time, watch some Star Trek with me, and be patient with my #catitude, fill out an application at spcacincinnatiorg.” –Cisco 

Yes, her name is Calico and she is a beautiful calico in search of her forever home. Calico was surrendered to the SPCA due to her previous owner moving and not being able to take her along. She is a very sweet and well mannered girl that is pretty independent and quiet. She is a tad bit of an introvert and likes to spend quality time with herself, but she also gets into the moods where she will want some attention. She likes to spend most of her time hanging out in a cat tree near a window so she can sunbathe and see what is going on in the outside world. She has lived with dogs previously and did not mind them as long as they leave her alone. She has also lived with kids before and got along with them. She has a calmer demeanor and the only time she really says something is when she wants more food or water. If you would like to get to know more about Calico, fill out an application at spcacincinnati.org and a SPCA staff member will reach out to you to schedule an appointment to meet her!

Meet Squeak-A-Boo! She was brought to the shelter due to her owner moving and not being able to take her and is now looking for her furever home! She is 8 years old and is front declawed. At first, she is a little skittish, but once she opens up she becomes very affectionate and even a little talkative. Squeak-A-Boo has been around kids and dogs but prefers to be by herself and has never been around other cats. If you are interested in her, fill out an application at spcacincinnati.org and a staff member will call you to schedule an appointment!

My name is Mars and I am in search of my forever home. I was surrendered with my brother Rob (A46642408) due to our owner having personal issues. I am a very affectionate boy that loves getting attention and being around my favorite person. I am a pretty mellow guy and I like to go with the flow. I like to be out and about, exploring and getting attention. I have lived with my brother all of my life and we get along really well, and if you have cats I am sure I will get along with them just fine with a proper meet and greet. I like to spend my free time hanging out on a cat tree and looking out the window and watch the world go by. I have been around kids before and have done fine. If you have read my brothers bio, you can tell we are opposites, but we love each other very much. I am very laid back and social and if you are looking for a guy like me, then come adopt me! Fill out an application and a SPCA staff member will reach out to you to schedule an appointment. I can’t wait to meet you!

This is Kai. She has been “Paw’d Furward!” All she needs is a good home. She is still at a young age – 3, Domestic Shorthair with a Grey/Orange coat. Her story is interesting in that she came to us as a kitten years ago. Our medical staff and foster folks poured into her, nursing her to good health. Now, she’s found her way back to us at no fault of her own. She is strikingly gorgeous and doll! She is friendly and warms up fairly quickly.

Hello my name is Sky. I am a 4 year old domestic short hair and I came to the shelter with my big brother Harley after our owner fell on hard times. I am a sweet girl but can be shy. I LOVE love and attention, but prefer it to be on my terms. I would do best in a home with older kids and without dogs. I enjoy naps, snacks and lounging around with my human. If you think I would be a good fit for your household please fill out an application on SPCACINCINNATI.ORG to meet with me.

Hi! I’m Antigua and I’m in search of my purr-fect match. My match would understand that I’m a little reserved around people, but I love other cats. I really don’t care to be picked up, but I’m affectionate as long as you don’t force me to be. I would be a great addition if you already have one or two felines so we can be best friends! I do need to be an indoor cat, but at 10-years-old I think I deserve that, don’t you? If you think we’d hit it off, fill out an application to meet me today!

Hello, my name is Henry! I am a very sweet, loving and affectionate boy. I love to play with toys, sleep and play in boxes and watch the world through the window. I am happy snuggled up on the couch with my human and getting lots of pets and loves. I do not prefer dog friends. I have lived with other cats and was ok with them, but I would prefer to be the only cat in the home. If you think you have the purr-fect home for me, please fill out an application to schedule an appointment. 

Hello there, I am Len! I am ready for playtime and cuddle time. Sometimes I don’t know when you are playing and when you aren’t. I am always ready to be in play-mode, especially when I see a stick or wand toy. I have been told I have “quite a nice high jump with very good form” (I’ve had a lot of practice–I am a track and cross-country star). I like to lick you, and then nibble, and then lick you some more. I also like to bonk my head into yours. These are the ways I show my love to you! If you want to come bonk noggins, then fill out an application and come visit me at the Sharonville SPCA!

“My name is Izzy and I am a staff favorite! They say I am just the sweetest girl ever! The only marathons I do are movie marathons. I also love pets and cuddles. I have a raspy little meow, but that doesn’t stop me from telling you that I love you. I want a home I can relax in–you see, my last home had too many animals and I got too stressed out. I’d prefer a calm home that is low-key. I have been at the shelter for way too long, but since I have been here, the staff have helped me discover that I LOVE scratching posts. They make me lose my mind. I’ve never seen something as cool as a nice scratching post. I do have some allergies and I am eating some special food to help (staff can send some food home with me to get me started). If you’re ready to show me your favorite movies, then fill out an application and come see me at the Sharonville SPCA!” – Izzy

Meet Nina!

Nina is a young girl- she just turned one year old! She is a friendly cuddle bug, on her terms of course. She is curious and quiet, until she requires attention. And, she is gorgeous! Visit spcacincinnati.org for an application and adoption information!

Meet Felix!

Hi! I’m Felix! I am a happy, friendly guy. I really love people and warm hugs! I’d really enjoy living in a house where I can look out the window all day and bird watch. I enjoy a nice comfy couch – to be petted and brushed is a plus. The humans here make me eat a special food. They told me it’s to make me healthier, and that I should probably eat it for furever. I have lived with another cat before, but I think I’d like to go slow meeting any other animals in your home. I’ve never seen a kid before, so I’d like to assess them and see what I think during our meet-and-greet. I recently discovered that I LOVE SPRING TOYS. They are my most favorite thing ever. If you can provide me with a surplus of spring toys, I assure you I will give you lots of cuddles. Deal? If you’d like to meet me then fill out an application on spcacincinnati.org!

Meet Mike Tyson!

This stunningly handsome boy is Mike Tyson! He is litter box trained, and is curious of other animals as well as people. He is an extremely affectionate lap cat who loves to be adored. He has never been outside, and needs to be an indoor cat only. He has been around dogs and children and loves attention. He does get shy around strangers and will hide until he warms up.  His favorite toys are balls. Look into these big beautiful eyes and consider giving him the loving forever home that he deserves.

Meet Granata!

She was part of the Cincinnati Zoo Wellness Program, which helps to better understand stress triggers in adoptable cats, so that they may be reduced while awaiting adoption. She has been socialized here at our shelter, having not been with us very long – lots of love poured into her. Beautiful 9 year old senior cat looking for a comfy place to live out her golden years. Cats are typically a 15 year commitment so, she has some strong years ahead! 

Meet Mildred!

Mildred is a calm spirit. She is very observant, warms up naturally & easily. She came to the SPCA with her left ear damaged, but she is well! A generous member of the community has already paid for her adoption as well via our Paw It Furward campaign, thanks to Dunkin’. All she needs is a loving family!

Meet Ricky!

Ricky has a “Paw It Furward” Adoption paid for. He’s an 8 year old senior companion who moves at his own pace, but when he warms up is the sweetest thing! Ricky is a laid back and very observant kind of guy. To learn more or to get an application for adoption, visit spcacincinnati.org!

Meet Marley!

Marley is stunning! Her adoption fee is paid for through Dunkin’s Paw It Furward! campaign with the SPCA. In her words…

“I have been through some difficult times and I am looking for a nice place to stretch my paws. Because I have had a rough life, I am a little shy. I am sweet and I really like treats, but please go slow with me until I get to know you better. I would do best as the only fur baby in the house”. Through it all she is incredibly sweet and patient with us!

Meet Callie!

She is a beautiful nine year old cat and she also qualifies for Pets for People, based upon her age! Staff describes her as gentle and inquisitive. She is an owner surrender, so she is used to being spoiled and the only fur baby in the house. To set up a meeting about Callie or for more information on Pets for People, make an appointment with the SPCA Cincinnati in Sharonville!

Meet Sophie

She is an older gal who came in very thin and in bad shape—extremely matted & dirty. With a lot of TLC, she has gained weight & looks great. She is sweet, happy & strong.  We have done lab work and X-rays that all looked good.  She does have a heart murmur and will need a dental cleaning at some point. She needs a home to spoil her.

Meet Nessa

Hi there! I am Nessa! I like to be pet and I like to explore. I enjoy chasing the dust bunnies behind your couch or under your bed! I’m not sure how I feel about dogs, but I know I’d like be the only cat in my house. I have lived in a house with kids, but I do get along better with older kids! I like it when you give me attention, but sometimes I need my own space. I would prefer it if you didn’t pick me up. I like all four of my paws to be on the floor. I love looking cute and modeling for photos. If you’d like to meet me, fill out an application and see me at the Sharonville SPCA!

Meet Jingles

So, Jingles is a very affectionate four-year-old cat! She loves to give you attention and wants the same in return! She will Jingle you all the way to happiness!! If you’re looking for a companion animal who will be your best friend, she is definitely the girl for you. She is available for adoption at the SPCA Cincinnati in Sharonville!

Meet Lucy

Lucy is fun-loving, playful, and adapts quickly. She has only been with us a couple of weeks & she is ready for her forever domain. Really sweet three year old girl.

Meet Lottie

Lottie is doing well at the SPCA. She has the most adorable eyes that will instantly melt your heart. Lottie is good with cuddles & lots of play. She warms up fairly quickly to new friends, however, we still encourage that she be the only feline queen in the palace – as she is a seasoned/laid back kind of lady. Lottie qualifies for the Pets for People program, where adoption fees are waived for our Senior adopters!

Meet Mashed Tater

Hey there, I’m Mashed Tater. Tater for short. I came in with my pal Mac and we were both pretty shy when we arrived and still have our moments here and there. But, I’m ready for my furever home so that I can eat and sleep… and live my best life. I’m a pretty independent guy so I’ll come to you when I want some good pets & loving. New and big changes can stress me out, so I’ll definitely need your patience when adjusting to my new home. I’d appreciate it! Underneath my tough exterior, I’m a sweet and gentle boy. Come meet me today! 🙂

Meet Creamcicle!

This is Creamcicle! He has lived with children but not dogs. He LOVES attention on him, around his neck and belly. He will let you carry him around like a baby and will give you lots of kisses! He is the BEST cuddle bug, he will reach out his paw when he wants loving and it’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see! He’s a sucker for some good kitty junk food and especially wet food. Be sure to spoil him because of course he deserves it! He loves anything with strings/yarn and feathers. He has a fear of loud noises and fast movements, things that may startle him. He can’t wait for you to meet him and fall in love! Meet Creamcicle today at the Sharonville SPCA!

Meet Cocoa!

Cocoa is a very observant girl, who makes her moves carefully. She’s an 8 year old cat that warms up gently and doesn’t mind being the center of attention! If you’d like to make Cocoa a part of your family, visit the Sharonville SPCA! 

Meet Arabella!

She is a curious little girl, quiet, and sweet. Arabella is 4 years old, and she warms up gently and doesn’t mind being petted & caressed. She enjoys calm quiet spaces.  If you’re interested in making Arabella a part of your family, fill out an application at the Sharonville SPCA! 

Meet Roo

This is Roo! She is a 2 month old female kitten, available for adoption at the Sharonville SPCA! 

Meet Pedro

Hello there, I’m Pedro. Once upon a time I was a model. Vogue wishes they could have hired me. I am retired now but I have decided to live a quiet life (one without lots of noises, chaos, or small humans). My new profession is to rate and test toys for their appeal and function. I do say that string-like toys are superior to all others. I also spend my free time testing the functionality of brushes (I don’t refer to my hair as fur or shedding, I call it glitter because life needs a little bit of sparkle). I may take a little while to get to know you because I am so busy all the time, but I promise that I will watch your favorite shows with you and tell you how comfy your couch is. If you want to talk toys, tv, or the anything else, fill out an application and see me at the Sharonville SPCA!

Meet Phillip

“Hello all, my name is Phillip and I am what some would refer to as a mature cat, though I like to think of myself as well aged, like a fine bottle of wine. I am not looking for an exciting or sophisticated life, just the reassurance of a calm and peaceful existence and place to prop up my paws. If you also enjoy the simpler pleasures in life like a quiet afternoon reading novels or a cozy curl up on the couch for a movie, than I am your man. Please, if you have young children than I am unfortunately not the cat for you. Hope to meet you. Just give us a call and make an appointment to visit me!”

Meet Handsome Dan

Handsome Dan is a shelter favorite! He has such a lovable personality. He hasn’t been with the SPCA long, and we’d love to keep it that way! He is certainly handsome, even more so in person – living up to his name. He enjoys attention, but is laid back for the most part. He came to us as a stray, so there is still lots to learn about this sweet guy. We do know he is ready for his forever home!

Hello my name is Ellie! I am such a love bug.

The staff here describes me as affectionate, and easy going. I love being a lap cat, and meeting new people. As soon as you open the door I will run right to you! I would love to meet you so you can see how friendly I am. I should be the only cat in the home as I like to be the queen of my castle! I have just been enrolled in Weight Watchers since the quarantine caused me to gain a little weight (with DoorDash and UberEats it’s hard to eat healthy)! I will need someone who will keep me on the road to weight loss, and be aware that my chubbiness might cause some joint pain. Nothing that can’t be managed and it doesn’t stop me from living my best life! Want to meet me? Fill out an application!

Meet the gorgeous Jaybird 😊

This sweet lady has lived with cats and dogs in the past. She’s a big flirt with men, but loves kids and women too! Jaybird is super sweet. She’s quite a talker and enjoys sunbathing, and snacking on any treats with fish! She enjoys scratching posts quite a bit, as well as chasing string toys. She’s beautiful and a great companion! She loves to be scratched behind the ears and would love a calm home where she can live out her golden years! Fill out an application for this beauty today!

Jaybird is a 14-yr-old female Domestic Shorthair cat, with a Black/Copper Tiger coat. She weighing a little over 9 lbs., and is waiting for her forever family at SPCA Sharonville! 


Meet Holden!

This dashing little guy is Holden. Holden came to us in pretty rough shape. He is (at least) partially blind, and will require some special care (more litter pans around the house, VERY regular checkup with the vet, lots of patience, and he’ll need eye medications indefinitely) and would probably do better in a home without young children, as he does spook easily because of his eyes. He has a hard time finding things like his litter box and his food, so he’s going to need someone with a lot of time and patience to help teach him. If you think you and your home would be a good fit for this very special little guy, submit an application to meet him at the Sharonville SPCA location.

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