Feline Fridays

Cat Country 94.1 has teamed up with Cincinnati Animal Care Humane Society for Feline Friday’s. Every Friday morning at 8:10 the Cincinnati Animal Care will be on to feature another cat that’s up for adoption at their shelter.

With her unique face and equally unique personality, Gertrude is one of our favorite seniors at Cincinnati Animal CARE. She’s chill. Loves to sun bathe. Enjoys naps but prefers to nap in your lap! Come visit her at 3949 Colerain Avenue! 

George is a professional bird watcher. He doesn’t have binoculars or a lil hat, but it’s his favorite activity! George is an observer, he loves sitting on the couch and watching his people, but he will follow you around the house to keep an eye on you too… what he really wants is a spot to snuggle up with you though. George was not vibing while at the shelter, but is a great example of how fostering saves lives – he’s thriving in his foster home! He’s relaxed, affectionate, and well behaved… but he will yell for treats! Visit cincinnatianimalcare.org for more details! 

Lucy is a very unique looking tortie from Cincinnati Animal CARE. She previously lived in a home, so coming to the shelter was very overwhelming and scary for her. She has since moved into a foster home, which is so critical to the shelter’s mission. Fostering gives the staff a better idea about a pet’s temperament in the home and makes them a better candidate for adoption. More important, it gives animals a break from the crowded shelter environment, particularly animals like Lucy who were not thriving! Fostering saves lives! If interested in adopting Lucy, since she is not at the shelter, schedule an appointment via email: foster.adoption@cincinnatianimalcare.org

Look at that round little face! It begs for pets! Irene is a cat that is used to living in a home and is struggling adjusting to shelter life. Irene is looking for the comforts of a home once again, so visit her at Cincinnati Animal CARE to make that happen!​

Meet Momma Clifton! She takes a minute to acclimate to new areas because she’s a bit timid at first. But after that she loves people watching and chin scratches. She doesn’t mind being held on occasion as well. Would do great in a nice, peaceful household- come meet her at Cincinnati Animal Care at 3949 Colerain Avenue! 

When Sumo Orange is hungry, he will LET YOU KNOW. He will talk your ear off for some food and then eat it like he’s never been fed before. He actually has to use a slow feeder! 

He loves watching the nature channel and just sits with his tongue out all day trying to catch flies. He’s aggressively affectionate and will headbutt you hard for some attention!

Are you looking for a cat who you cuddle up and have long conversations with? Smokey is your man! He’s okay with being picked up and loves being brushed. He’s been around children ages 5 and up, and seems to be fine with other cats and dogs. He enjoys lounging, being brushed and window watching. Come meet him today at Cincinnati Animal Care in Northside! 

Ganache is an 8 year old male. He’s one of our longer residents at the shelter and was taken to a foster home where he LOVES the bed. He will literally tuck himself in bed! We’re looking for the family that can provide a nice soft space for Ganache where he can relax and be his majestic self!  Fostering saves lives! Sign up to foster cats, kittens, dogs, or puppies with Cincinnati Animal CARE: https://cincinnatianimalcare.org/get-involved/foster/

Ebony loves attention so much she will ignore food just for an ounce of affection. Other than going out of her way to get attention and love, she’s pretty chill. She gets playful spurts sometimes as well! Come visit Ebony in Kitty City at Cincinnati Animal Care 3949 Colerain Avenue! 

Pistachio is super sweet, affectionate, and playful. And for Star Wars fans, he has a Star Destroyer on his face! Pistachio is also a bit of a night owl (more than your average cat) and would probably love a home with someone who stays up late! Come visit Pistachio in Kitty City at Cincinnati Animal Care! 

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