Parmalee & Blanco Brown Take “Just The Way” All the Way to Number-One

Parmalee & Blanco Brown Take “Just The Way” All the Way to Number-One

Congrats goes out to Parmalee and Blanco Brown on landing in the number-one spot on the country airplay chart with “Just The Way.”

Parmalee posted on their social media, “THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible for us! You are all so amazing!! Thanks so much to country radio and all of the fans! Today is such a special day…not only are we #1 at country radio in the US & Canada, but it’s also our boy Matt’s Birthday!! Couldn’t ask for a better Birthday present than that!”

Speaking of birthday boy and Parmalee lead singer, Matt Thomas shared that this song has been around a while, but was always just missing something, “I actually wrote it a couple years ago, but I knew when I wrote this song it had a special meaning. It had purpose and positivity. And so we were trying to figure out what to do with this song, how to release it, what to do next. We had, like, a little light bulb moment. ‘Let’s call our buddy Blanco Brown’.”

Matt met Blanco at a party a couple of years ago, and instantly knew that he was someone they should get to know, “Yeah, we hit it off immediately. We became friends. We realized we had a lot of the same musical backgrounds.”

So, when it came to that missing element in “Just The Way,” Matt says they knew Blanco could bring something special to it, “He’s all about positivity and purpose; he can help us deliver this message.’ So we called him up and I think two days later we drove down to Atlanta and got him to sing on it and here we are.”

And when it comes to the journey this song took, Matt adds, “It’s pretty amazing to see everything happening behind it, but, I mean ‘Just The Way’ is just a song about loving people just the way that God made them…imperfections and all. I think in these days everybody could hear that message…I think it’s cool to be able spread a little positivity in the world.”

That positive message resonated with listeners, and now Parmalee and Blanco Brown have the number-one on the country airplay chart.

Check out the music vide for the hit song right here…

Photo Courtesy of Broken Bow Records

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